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Pre-Workshop Schedule:

FREE for members, $5 non-members

Tuesday, July 23rd from 6-8:30pm

Pre-workshop presentation and discussion: Living a creative life as artists and non-artists: Creativity as a cycle, and collaborating with the inner critic.

Workshop Schedule:

  • Friday, July 26 & Saturday July 27

  • $140. for both days

Friday, July 26th 6-8:30pm

Workshop introductory evening: This evening will provide a clearly guided process that includes meditation and mindfulness practices and expressive arts activities through which we will begin our art project for the weekend, set intentions, and meet each other. The evening will specifically explore one of three stages of a creative cycle to jumpstart inspiration, play, and relaxation.

*This evening is structured similarly to Megan’s class called Meditate & Create with a few alterations specific to this particular workshop.

Saturday, July 27th 9:00am-5:00pm

9:00-12:00: This morning we will explore the second part of a creative cycle. We will deepen the art process we began the night before with new techniques, supplementing our inquiry with meditation, journaling and yoga practices.

12:00-2:00: We will provide you with a lunch and a recommended walkabout activity to do on your own as a way to deepen the workshop and bridge it with your daily life.

2:00-5:00: This afternoon we will explore the third part of a creative cycle, integrating aspects of our experience gained through our art projects, yoga practices, meditations, journaling activities and discussion.

Please bring:

  • A journal or sketchbook, any size

  • A yoga mat

  • Comfortable clothing for moving and making messes

  • A water bottle

  • Please turn off or do not bring your phone—emergencies excepted.

About Meditation: As we sit in chairs or on our mats we will explore a variety of meditation techniques: progressive relaxation, guided visualization, vipassana or "clear seeing" meditation, and metta or "loving kindness" meditation. Each kind of meditation offers a different way to bring the mind to the present moment with relaxation and awareness. As an added bonus, many experience meditation as a way to befriend or surpass our inner critic when it comes to making art. No experience or special props are necessary. New and seasoned practitioners are welcome.

About Contemplative Art: Unlike academy art where a final product is the goal, we focus on the process, self-expression, cultivating creativity, and the experience of using art to explore our present-moment experience. Although there is not right or wrong way to make art in this class, each project has clear guidelines, goals, and material demonstrations to work with. All materials are provided. Although no experience is necessary, these techniques will benefit novice and experienced artists alike. **This weekend workshop will offer more expressive art techniques than a typical Meditate & Create evening class. **

About Yoga: The meaning of the word yoga points to a process of unifying the mind and body. We will learn very fundamental yoga postures, moving meditations, and breathing techniques to explore creativity through the body. Although no experience, advanced skill or flexibility is necessary, these techniques will benefit both novice and advanced yogis and yoginis.

Join us if you want to:

  • Relax

  • Learn about and practice meditation

  • Jumpstart and/or un-stick your creativity

  • Learn and play with mixed media art, yoga, and journaling techniques

  • Meet like-minded introspective people

  • Explore the relationship between your art and your inner experience

  • Reform your inner critic

  • Or if you are just curious!