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Geli Plate Workshop

  • One Day Workshop

  • Instructor: Kathleen Kaller

  • Dates: Sunday, March 24, 2019

  • Time: 1-4 p.m.

  • Adult

Gelli plate is a (table-top) printing surface that makes it easy to produce beautiful, one-of-a-kind artwork with amazing colors and textures without having to use a printing press. This workshop will demonstrate how to create monoprints using gelatin printing to create stunning layered prints, pages for art journals, greeting cards, and much more. Gelli printing is the perfect medium for beginners and experts alike. Durable and reusable, Gelli plates are easy to clean with water, so you can quickly change paint colors and move on to your next project. Exciting results can be obtained quickly, and simple variations give each print its own unique personality. You will be inspired to create colorful backgrounds, textured pages, multiple layers. You’ll learn how to use stencils, stamps, found objects and work with different surfaces to create interesting and innovative textures and exciting works of art.

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