Herbal Arts


Herbal Arts

from 55.00
  • Sat., April 20. 1-5 pm. , Featured plant: Rosemary

  • cost: $55 

  • 4 classes: $200

  • Instructor: Jiling Lin

  • Adult

Deepen your relationship with medicinal plants through complete sensory engagement. Focus connection with one plant each month by drinking tea, making art, and crafting herbal medicines. Learn historical and scientific practices and perspectives, while cultivating experiential intuition. Art processes hone observational and technical skills, and encourage multi-media exploration, through life-drawing, print-making, book-binding, and photography. Creating herbal preparations empowers health resilience. Rotating projects include salves, tinctures, honeys, vinegars, and incense. Take home herbal preparations, art projects, and informed inspiration for optimal life expression, wellness, and thrival.  

Jiling is a Taiwanese-heritage California native with eclectic roots. After graduating from UCLA with a studio arts degree in 2006, Jiling traveled for a decade across USA and southeast Asia, studying and teaching Earth-based skills. She taught outdoor education in New England, studied and taught yoga in India, led adventure trips and taught more yoga in China, and studied acupuncture in Taiwan, before returning to the USA for graduate level herbal and acupuncture studies. Jiling is an acupuncturist, herbalist, and yoga teacher in Ventura, CA. When not teaching or seeing patients, Jiling is surfing, climbing, hiking, backpacking, and botanizing around Ventura, and beyond. Passionate about living fully and expressively, Jiling is stoked to share her loves of wilderness and creativity in the monthly Herbal Arts series. 

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