Meditation & Drawing


Meditation & Drawing

  • Monthly, first Mondays

  • Oct. 7, Nov. 4, Dec. 2

  • Time: 6-8:30pm

  • Fees: $30. per class

  • Instructor: Lauren Volk

  • Category: Adult

“Drawing is the urge to illustrate what we see and feel.” -The Zen of Seeing

 Awareness is very important. We are here, nowhere else. Since we are here why not be here?

NOVEMBER 4: Meditation on the Symbolism of Stones 

The symbolism of stones represents endurance, stability, permanence, and the ability

to be grounded and connected with the earth. Stones symbolize strength, versatility,

and easy accessibility.


Through this meditation on a stone, we will take the power of the stone, with it’s texture and weight, into a drawing to connect to our inner stability, strength, and grounded connection to our inner self.

In this course students will learn meditative exercises to become more intuitively aware of enhancing their perception. The first step toward creation is to see everything as it really is. This approach to art can be seen as a form of meditation, a way of getting into intimate touch with the visual world around us and become fully awake. You cannot be an artist without relating to some practice of meditation. The key to drawing is to set conditions to cause a mental shift to an altered state of consciousness that enables you to see truly and well. In this drawing mode, you will be able to draw what you perceive even for those who have never studied drawing. Students develop the perceptual skills necessary for realistic drawing: contour line, positive/negative space, perspective and proportion, light and shadow, and seeing and drawing the whole.

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